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The Mission of the Montana CattleWomen is to support the livestock industry and its environment through communication, education, and legislative activities.

Believing that the livestock industry is of basic importance to world existence, we, the American National CattleWomen dedicate ourselves to support it with our labor and finances, to promote it through information and publicity, to encourage its producers with our understanding and love, to do all in our power to instill in the coming generations the love of the land and of life, the humility and awe before nature, and the hope and faith in the future that is inherent in Cattlemen and CattleWomen.

Meeting Agenda | Printable Registration Form


      The Montana CattleWomen Local that recruits the most new members will receive reimbursement for their affiliation dues. The Montana CattleWoman that recruits the most new members will receive some Montana Silver Smith.

     2013 Membership Winners: T-Bone CattleWomen and Fallon Creek CattleWomen both obtained 10 new members in 2013; therefore they both got their affiliation dues paid. The individual winner was Cynthia Colbert who won the Montana Silver Smith.

     The 2012 membership award went to Shirley Miller from Belgrade.  She received a Kindle Fire at the 2012 Annual Convention in Billings.

      Kari Berg Marks of Meagher County CattleWomen was the membership winner for 2011.  She received a $200 gift certificate  to Chico HotSprings, just in time to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary! 

The Annual Dues for Montana CattleWomen, Inc. can be summarized by the following:
  • Active membership - $20.00Individuals actively engaged or interested in beef industry.
  • Active/foundation herd membership - $45.00 $20.00 annual dues + $25.00 contribution toward legislative advocacy - Will receive special recognition.
  • Associate membership - $50.00Associations, companies, corporations, individuals, organizations, or partnerships expressing interest in objectives of Montana CattleWomen, Inc..
For more information on membership, contact Treasurer - Lorrie Vennes - 420 N. California, Helena 59601 - phone: 406-442-3420 - e-mail: Lorrie@mtbeef.org


Montana CattleWomen have two General Membership Meetings annually:

     2014 ANCW Region V Meeting The 2014 ANCW Region V Meeting was held May 1-2-3, 2014. Meeting Agenda | Registration Form

      Annual Convention
2013 Annual Convention Winners: Amber Hurley of Baker won the Montana CattleWomen IPad Raffle. A special thanks to all who bought raffle tickets on the IPad, your support for Montana CattleWomen is appreciated. The 2013 Convention door prize winner of the Montana CattleWomen "Women of the West" Program Cold Water Creek $250 gift certificate was Lila Taylor.

      Mid-Year Meetings
Montana CattleWomen Mid-year Meeting 2014 was held June 20 & 21 in Livingston at the Best Western Yellowstone Inn, and was hosted by the Park County CattleWomen.   Meeting Agenda | Registration Form

The Board of Directors have four meetings through-out the year. To keep members informed, a minimum of three newsletters go out to the general membership annually.
If you are a state member and have not received the State Newsletter, reach Secretary Kate Montgomery, 406-850-4107 or pkmont@mybluelight.com.

Memorial Scholarship - 

The 2014 Montana CattleWomen, Inc's Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to Ariel Overstreet-Adkins, the daughter of Jim and Anne Overstreet of Big Timber.  Ariel graduated from Reed Point High School in 2002, Princeton University, New Jersey, with honors in Anthropology in 2006 and is presently attending the University of Montana School of Law in Missoula. She is an advocate for Agriculture.

The Montana CattleWomen's Scholarship is in the amount of $1000.00 and is funded through memorials. Applicants must be from a Montana home and must be enrolled in a Montana institution of post-secondary education, either public or private. Preference is given to a student planning to pursue a career beneficial to the cattle industry.

This scholarship was established in 1963 and has been awarded to worthy students since that time.  

Past recipients of the MCW Memorial Scholarship: 2006 Lindsey Foard of Billings, 2007 James Brown of Helena, 2008 Kari Gillespie of Kevin, 2009 Tom Brown of Helena, 2010 Aaron DeVries of Malta, 2011 Whitney Hoyem of Wilsall, 2012 James J Woodring of Townsend, and 2013 Calli Oiested of McLeod.

For more information contact Chairperson Nancy Schultz   Box 219    Grass Range, MT 59032  Ph. (406) 428-2101   grnranch@midrivers.com

Ag in Montana Schools
Ag Day Bumper Sticker Luncheon & Meal - March 19, 2013 at Jorgenson's in Helena 6:00 p.m.
Montana Agriculture Appreciation Legislative Luncheon - March 19, 2013 at the Capitol at 12:00 Noon
Montana Range Days - was held June 23-24-25, 2014 in Havre.  The 2015-16 Location for Montana Range Days will be in Harlowton, Montana.
Montana State Fair "Beef in the Kitchen Culinary Contest" Beef Cookoff was held July 26, 2014 at the Family Living Center at the Montana State Fairgrounds in Great Falls, MT.  
[2014 Adult Recipes | Youth Recipes] [2013 Winners & Recipes]. [2014 Rules] [2014 Entry Form]  Sponsored by Montana CattleWomen, Cascade Extension, and Cascade Extension Homemakers.
Montana Young Ag Couples Conference (YACC) - The 35th annual Young Ag Couples Conference will be held on January 21-24, 2015, at the Red Lion Colonial Hotel in Helena.  Nominate couples by November 26, 2014.  Questions please call Walt Anseth (406) 444-5420 or Marty Earnheart at (406) 444-9126.
FCCLA Beef Award - The FCCLA State Leadership Conference was held March 23-25, 2014 at the Holiday Inn in Billings.   The 2014 winners in the Montana Food Producer Educational Display event in the Beef Category was Paul Ehler and Jackson Nagy of the Sunburst FCCLA Chapter.

Montana Stockgrowers Association www.mtbeef.org- The President of Montana CattleWomen is a non-voting member, and sits on the Board of Directors.

 Montana CattleWomen

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